Android Versus IPhone Technology

When it comes to buying one of the best smartphones, the choice between iPhone or android can be hard to make. While both platforms are quite mature, they have amassed comprehensible features and basically have shared properties other than brand and price. However, they both have their advantages and there are some reasons you’d prefer one over the other. Read on to get a closer look at some of the differences to help you decide if an android or iPhone smartphone is suitable for you.


Faster updates

One of the biggest advantages iPhones has over Android is its software updates. As new iPhones and pads are released, Apple continuously supports regular updates for five to six years. While these devices are set to update simultaneously, you get improved features, image formats, apps, as well as security protocols and patches for online security attacks and triggers that could enable internet thieves to steal your personal data from your phone.

While every new feature of the latest software may not be included in the oldest supported devices, this platform continues to use the improved features and other security updates to the fullest.

iPhone is easier to use

Apple users love the iPhone because of the simplicity of its operating system. When you tap into the homepage, you’ll get a display of icons arranged in rows and columns which you can organise to suit your needs. You don’t hide things in any app drawer, all applications are presented in front of you. The settings are not ambiguous in any form and the user experience is uniform, no matter the iPhone type you’re using.

The user experience for the iPhone is easy to understand and requires little effort to learn. Most iPhone users don’t want a phone they can customise and dwell on, they prefer a straight-forward approach that works well and directs them to their content in less time.

Likewise, if you have owned an iPhone earlier, it will be easy to switch to other versions and still understand how the operating system functions.

reliable customer support

If your phone develops a hardware or software issue or if its battery becomes too old for use, you can rely on the company’s customer support. The company’s reliable customer support and website offer a wide range of remote options. Or if you prefer a personal appointment you can reserve a space at any apple store. This process may take time if there are other people with similar issues and the repairs may be more than your budget if your mobile parts are out of warranty.

Long term value

Due to the long term support offered by Apple, you can decide to give out your iPhone without worrying about app compatibility or security problems. In addition, it will also benefit you if you prefer to sell because they hold their resale value even more than android devices. This means that you can earn more money after selling or you can opt for a trade-in when you want to upgrade.


More hardware diversity

One of the biggest edge androids has over apple lies in hardware, not software. There are a wide variety of well-rounded smart android phones that are available on a huge variety of hardware as well as extra options for users who prefer styluses and wider screens. They are equipped with strong battery life and the option of a physical keyboard.

Another key benefit is the flexibility it provides. if your favourite feature like a fingerprint sensor is removed you can decide to switch to another android version knowing that you can always find it somewhere else.

More customisation options

If you love the ability to customise your phones and tablets to suit your needs then iOS may not be your best option. While you’re able to adjust the text size, rearrange your home-screen icons, and install third-party keyboards, all versions of Apple devices still look and function the same way.

You will find similar customisation options in android devices but in this case, widgets can be set directly on your home screen with the additional option of fully replacing the home screen with any number of adjustable customisation applications.

Android also enables you to select your own default apps for doing things like browsing, and checking emails.

More storage options

The internal storage of the iPhone is always fixed, which means that the one you buy is what you’re stuck with. Majority of Android phones are made with a MicroSD card slot which you can use as alternative internal storage for videos, files, images and apps. Google drive is also an additional storage source, you can store photos as well as documents. Even though apple’s iCloud service offers the option to offload photos and videos, you still can’t add extra storage to any iPhone. Google offers a free google drive storage of 15gb, this way bigger compared with apple’s 5 GB

Phones at every price

One common thing about android phones is that they come at every price. The wide range of the world’s smartphones operates on android and the countless number of it companies that build Android devices means that they can be bought at every price range. You can buy different phones and tablets according to your budget. It doesn’t matter how much you can afford, there is a high chance you will find an android device and broadband provider that suits your budget.


So iPhone vs android; which do you prefer? Both systems have pros and cons and when it comes to buying the phone, it all depends on your most valued features and apps. Operating an iPhone is easy and very simple. There are less complicated options and you can navigate freely. Android, on the other hand, is simultaneously more freeing and it offers more favourable options- you can decide how much you’re willing to spend, choose the hardware and software features and select the format for organising and customising your experience.

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