5G – Here’s What To Expect

5G is expected to kick off in early 2020 with great promises to be way more advanced than 4G on many levels. 5G is expected to operate at speeds 100 times faster than 4G. The first line of people to benefit from 5G are the telecom operators enabling them to provide fixed high-speed internet in areas where deploying fibre is costly. When we talk to a friend over the phone, we experience real-time communication but the introduction of 5G enabled devices, we’ll communicate with another in real-time which will generate a massive impact on technology. The next-generation phones are expected to make a seamless switch to 5G networks for a more stable service. There’s no doubt that 5G holds many promises for the future. Being aware of the many benefits to be derived from 5G gives you additional ways technology can help you. Here are the things to expect.




Most people think 5G is only made for smartphones and mobile gadgets. But it actually involves more. 5G works for the home too. There are some 5G trials that have focused on 5G modems for home use. These modems are placed near a window visible to a 5G mast and with the help of a router, high-speed internet access is spread around the home. This instant and more reliable internet access cuts down long video streaming time and makes video games a lot of fun. Getting broadband in rural areas allows for a new era of real-time low latency and deeper virtual reality experiences showing how to make full use of the vast broadband capabilities. At a more advanced stage, it is also expected that 5G will be able to underpin technology like augmented reality. This will enable people to point their smartphone camera at a football game and see the statistics for a superimposed player.

As technology keeps advancing, 5G shows no signs of slowing down.




5G is expected to take manufacturing processes to the next level. Many industries are eagerly looking forward to adopting 5G to reinvent their manufacturing processes and also monitor other production processes. While robotic assistants and augmented reality are already adopted in many manufacturing industries, 5G shows great potential to enable advanced and high-speed manufacturing processes. For instance, making use of wearable technology such as augmented reality glasses, production workers are provided with additional information instantly, leading to higher productivity levels. They will also make use of robots to carry out difficult tasks thereby reducing the employee workload. Work training routine is expected to improve leading to a faster and safer learning environment.


Some specialists make reference to an ongoing industrial revolution as companies benefit from constant technological change. Some standards for the 5G wave spectrum will be set by the government first which will spread the data needed to control and power the robots as well as other industrial technology uses. 




The previous generation of cellular networks focused more on mobile phones, gadgets and sources to buy iPhone screen. Presently, it is expected that the high transmission speed and whole bandwidth allows for a connection of items such as household appliances, traffic lights and farm tools. Another great innovation 5G is expected to drive is autonomous cars. The integration of 5G virtually eliminates latency, which is the time required to receive a response to data sent over the network. 


A reduction in latency can also help transform the multiplayer gaming industry, healthcare and other tasks that require immediate response, these are areas where the present 4G networks have failed to deliver.




When it comes to edge computing, it shouldn’t be interpreted as cloud computing. Edge computing also referred to as fog computing enables data to be processed much faster and as close to the source as possible. Due to the fact that it cannot really travel so far, it makes machines like self-driving cars much safer to drive. For instance, if you were driving an autonomous car and witness a nearby accident as it’s about to take place, you wouldn’t be too patient to wait for your car to deliver data to the cloud for processing. You would rather prefer it automatically hit the break right in the passing of the event. The cloud for all its benefits doesn’t have the capacity to store all the data the IoT will generate. It comes with its own limitations, including security issues and latency issues, especially in multi-cloud environments. The high speed and reduced latency of 5G networks will reveal the true potential of edge computing. All these will be shown in a variety of applications, from smart cities and industries to e-commerce for real-time analytics and offers. 




With the increased speed and broad bandwidth, 5G is expected to enable the expansion of AR and VR. tech experts such as Microsoft have revealed their new Hololens2 as a means to combine physical and digital elements to collaborate in real-time. This advanced headset combines two worlds in a unique way that enables the front-line worker to work more efficiently by displaying interactive data visually before them. In the near future, with the integration of 5G networks, there will be an explosion of mixed reality in real-world applications such as apps. 




Extended reality reveals how augmented and virtual reality experiences can be taken to the next level with 5G networks. The integration of 5G’s reduced latency and ultra-fast speed connects extended reality devices and the edge cloud. This advanced integration shows how far 5G is expected to grow. These edge servers can be used to augment device processing and reduce latency on photorealistic images in a more efficient manner. 

Presently, the focus is on optimising 5G system design for extended reality traffic with more expectations on other parts of the upcoming 5G NR releases. 


Due to the fact that 5G will make use of more transmitters that will be broadcasting at higher frequencies, there are raised concerns that it may cause a negative impact on health. These claims are yet to be proven true. 

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