This Month In Technology

Technology is constantly changing and this month in technology is no different to any other. There has been a change in the way we use technology and the advent of 5G technology has shown that we have gone even further with our internet connectivity. Let’s now take a look at some of the latest advances in technology and what is trending this month.


The internet is judged by speed and can be tested by a broadband speed test. The faster the speed, the better your internet connection is and you have more chance of streaming films uninterrupted. Satellite internet is also a new concept that has started to develop and is a new way of connecting to the Internet. 

If you’ve decided that you want to try out this new technology, it is worth making sure you shop around to get the best price. As new technology often comes at a cost, try searching terms such as, buy satellite dish or discounted satellite dishes online, These types of searches will generate the best price that you can get for this new technology for online.


Modern TV is now showing us that you can have the choice without paying masses of money. Freeview TV is readily available and does not cost anything, as long as you have the equipment to be able to support Freeview broadcasts. Before you invest in expensive equipment, it is worth checking with your local service provider to see what type of reception you receive. As time has gone on, broadcasts have got stronger and the receivers that we buy have got better when it comes to receiving reception. 

It is an exciting time in the world of television because we can now stream more and more of the programs that we love to watch. With companies like Netflix and Amazon providing us with some of the best television for generations, there is always plenty of choice out there for you to pick from. Recently, Apple have also introduced their own streaming service and this will be in direct competition with the likes of Netflix and Amazon

Many die-hard Apple supporters have welcomed this announcement as it will be fully compatible with their apple devices. This type of technological advancement is fantastic news for the consumer and the advent of 5G technology will make it much better at streaming our programs without any buffering. This is great news whilst on the move or when travelling with a smart device.

Mobile Phones

Mobile technology has improved so much that we rely on our smart devices more than ever before. As mentioned earlier, 5G technology has just been introduced and more and more mobile phone manufacturers are producing 5G compatible devices, so that we are able to take advantage of this new advancement. As 5G technology is still so new, many of us are still relying on 4G technology, which is still very fast compared to the old days of 3G technology. 

The need for a faster internet connection has increased in demand, as our mobile phones can now pretty much control all aspects of our digital life. Whether it is banking or social media, our smart devices are now such an integral part of our lives that they now need to be able to keep up with our ever-growing need to do more and more things on our mobile phones. 

5G technology and the manufacturers of these devices are still playing catch-up to make sure that the devices deliver what the customers expect. Apple have recently bought out their iPhone 11 which is not 5G compatible, but the rumour mill has it that the new iPhone, that has been dubbed as the iPhone 12, will be packed with extra features and contain 5G compatibility.


Gaming technology is always at the forefront of all technology. Most of the time it’s a new game that’s been developed and everyone has gone crazy over it and therefore it becomes a new craze. However, at certain times of the year, the manufacturers of consoles also bring out a new version of their flagship gaming console. Often this type of technology is packed with all the latest technology that is on offer, for example, cloud hosting, which can be used to store all your gaming information which may be needed to pause a game that you wish to come back to at a later time. Having cloud storage available on your console has also meant that you no longer require CDs or memory packs, which take up lots of space within your home. Often, the technology that has been seen in our gaming consoles has been developed for other aspects of our entertainment.

Car Technology

Technology often overlaps each other and we can see how technology has developed in our motor vehicles since the digital era has really taken over the world. We are now at the point where we have driverless vehicles that can interact with us and can be guided by satellite navigation

We are still some time away from the point where these vehicles will be ready for the mass market, but autonomous vehicles have been developed so that we can all have access to them. Autonomous vehicles will not use combustible fuels, which means they will also be environmentally friendly. 

Motor vehicles have been coming under greater scrutiny from the world’s governments because of issues related to pollution. This is something that we need to take seriously and we need to do our bit to make sure that the vehicles that we drive are not polluting the environment. 

There are a number of items trending this month in the world of technology. Towards the end of the year, the stories in technology will start coming in thick and fast as we approach Christmas and the New Year.

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