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Technology is the ever-changing field, and we could write several articles on the changes for this month alone! We’ll stick with some of the big hitters, however, like what big conferences are coming up in the technology field, and some of the newest updates for mobile phones. We’ll also dig into what’s happening with our data these days, as this continues to be a hot topic across the world.

 Read on to see the big news for technology this month.

 Google Cloud Next

 In April, the Google Cloud Next conference kicks off again with massive numbers of attendees expected. The 2018 conference saw over 10,000 attendees, and the expectation is to see more this year. This conference is where Google announces all the latest updates to the Google Cloud Platform, but it’s so much more than just that. It also hosts breakout sessions, kinda like a cloud bootcamp, to discuss and innovate to make the Cloud better. It also provides an incredible networking opportunity, and lots of hands on learning.

 What can we expect from this conference? Plenty of product announcements and exciting updates to the Cloud, plus a whole lot more. Here’s a full list of what 2018 looked like to give you an idea.

 Facebook F8

 The 10th year of Facebook F8 is also happening in April in California. This conference is  where FB shows their most innovative product development in the works, as well as being another amazing networking opportunity and intense learning.

 What can we expect from F8? We’ll definitely see updates to all of the apps and features that Facebook owns, like WhatsApp and Instagram, along with updates in AI. With Facebook continually being in hot water for their handling of user data, the subjects around keeping data safe will also surely be talked about in length at the conference.

 Data continues to be in the news

 Partly because of the issues with Facebook, we continue to see data being both protested and protected all over the world. As we find out more and more about how our data is being used, many of us are upset and outraged at the amount of our own personal data is bought and sold all over the world, for uses like curating our advertising experience. This protestation is one of the reasons that the UK adopted GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which essentially lays out rules for collecting data, and getting consent from the user has to be explicitly received first. This applies to everyone, including companies that provide online tech support, to the website for a dish satellite internet provider.

Another reason for data privacy topping the news charts lately is due to the amount of breaches and hacks. Amazon’s very own Jeff Bezos found that Saudi Arabia had hacked into his personal phone and accessed his data. These types of hacks are leading many of us to take our internet security a lot more seriously, and contacting our internet providers to look into our options.

Finally, Facebook has also announced they are banning content that glorifies white nationalism, for many reasons, but a big one being the recent terror attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand. While some will argue that this is breaching Facebook’s influence over personal data and posts, the overall global reaction is that this is overdue, and is absolutely essential to try and stomp out hatred across the world.

Mobile phone updates


Apple announced an innovative charging mat back in 2017, which would allow you to charge multiple devices wirelessly, simply by placing them on the charging mat. Last month, however, the project was canceled and taken off the market possibilities. Apple made the decision that there were too many issues with the product, and they would not be able to release it because it didn’t meet their standards. For those of use excited to use this product, this is a great disappointment, however we still have access to wireless charging products while we wait for Apple to announce their next advancement in charging. There have been other rumours of new Apple products, as always, but the only other possible product update right now is to the iPad.

Galaxy S10

The much anticipated new Galaxy S10 is scheduled to be released very soon, which will be one of the first 5G compatible mobile phones available. This is big news, as 5G is just starting to be released around the world. Users will finally be able to snatch up the S10 and start surfing at faster speeds than ever. There are some downsides to the S10, as with any new device, but overall it looks to be an exciting and reliable device.

If you’re finding you still need to use a signal booster for your home, you might be in luck as 5G and better and faster internet is on its way. Digital UHG Aerials are still a great option for a clearer picture on your television as well.  

New Apps

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a few of the latest apps available on phones for this year as well. A couple of our favourites are iTranslate Converse, which is an easy to use translation app, perfect for any overseas travel. While it comes in at $4.99 US per month, it would be an incredibly handy app for when you’re trying to get directions, or converse with the locals. Simply speak into the speaker, and the app will spout it back out in your chosen language, plus write it in the language as well.

JustWatch is another fan favourite, showing you exactly where you can watch that show you’ve been craving, or where to find that movie rather than searching through the million different streaming services available now.

There are plenty of other exciting things coming up in the next few months in technology, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our favourites as they come up!

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