This Month In Technology

Technology and the way we buy it have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Each month, as time goes by, new products are bought onto the market. Whether it is a digital freeview box or a computer rental, there is always something new that we can look to purchase. Let’s take a look at some of the things that are trending this month and how some of the technology has recently improved.

The Internet

The Internet is having a revolution. Many of us now expect to have at least 40 Mbps broadband in our homes. Even our mobiles have now started to take and accept 5G data roaming, which is far quicker than 4G. As the technology improves, so will the way that we surf the Internet. Even Rural Internet providers have started to see an increase in the speed that they can offer. As Internet technology is increasing, so are other devices that we use to surf on.


The way we buy furniture has changed dramatically over the years as we can now buy furniture online. We have interest free furniture options and you can even buy furniture rent to own, so that you do not have to have a large outlay at the offset. The type of furniture that we buy now is often to house the new technology that we have purchased; an example of this is a full motion wall mount. These mounts are designed to hold a TV and many of them have the ability to have your TV in a multitude of positions. You are able to control the tilt, pitch and angle that you would watch your TV. In order to get the optimum service or reception for your television, you could look to a company of aerial specialists to see if they could give you advice and tips on how to make your viewing experience the best it could possibly be. The latest technology this month is also suggesting that some firms are offering managed it services, especially for those of you who run your own business from home.

Online gaming

Online gaming is always been popular and every month we see an update and new developments in this sector. This month we have seen a number of games that are suitable for your smartphone. A lot of these games are also available for social media so you are able to share the results and other information related to your game directly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is advancements like these that have improved the gaming market.

Smart devices

There are a number of smart devices on the market today. For example, the Amazon Echo, the Google Home Hub and the Lenovo smart clocks. The Lenovo smart clock has been introduced this month and it is able to act like a home assistant device. Again this technology is not new, but some would argue that the technology in this particular device has is as good, if not better, than some of the more popular products and brands. Many of these devices are also now able to control many other devices in our homes such as our heating, our lighting, and some can even draw our curtains!


Robot technology is ever increasing and as we see the markets have been flooded with robotic devices that can do various things to make our lives easier. Even children are benefiting from the robot revolution and there are now toys that can interact with your children. These robots can learn the various tasks that your children teach them.

In-car technology

Technology in our automobiles has changed as we can now access the Internet by using GPS systems so we are able to interact with our cars better than ever before. Satellite navigation in our cars is now so accurate that it can literally predict traffic, time of arrival and even the amount of fuel that you require to get to a given destination. Car technology is nothing new, but the way it is now used has changed. We now all have displays that are crystal clear and that give us the ability to not have to touch any buttons, which makes driving even safer.

Product updates

Products that are already on the market are getting a facelift and software updates so that they can keep up with the ever-growing trends that are changing in this media industry. As mentioned above, robot technology can now be interlinked and it is not unusual for your smartphone to be able to be linked to your smartwatch. This way when you go exercising,you can monitor your progress. This is not new technology nor is it new this month, however the popularity that these devices are gaining is getting more and more intense. It is possible to now even interact with other devices. For example if you decide to go for a run with a friend, you can now link your devices together to see how you both perform. This is almost like a competition but it also aids you with your fitness program.


Apps are getting cleverer and each time we update them, they are more interactive than ever before. Fitness is a massive area and the ability of your devices being able to communicate with other devices is making this technology even more successful. There are various fitness apps that you can download and use alongside your actual smart devices.

As you can see from the above there are a number of technological advancements that are taking place this month. As with all technology, it does not mean that it starts in one particular month and end in the same month as often things are released and then developed throughout the year.

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