5G Is Coming To Cell Phones In 2019 – Everything You Need To Know

Internet speed has become an integral part of our lives, as has the need to download things as fast as possible or to search our favourites websites without any sticking or buffering. This is just something that we have come to expect. When 4G hit the market, we were amazed how quick our smart devices could be when performing functions online. We have all been used to fibre broadband being quick at home but some of us have had the struggle of 3G performance when away from the home. So, what is the latest 5G technology that we can expect to see in 2019?

5G Technology

The ability to download full films in seconds should become available to us later this year, through the use of 5G technology. As with any technology, your network provider will be able to advise you on coverage information. Here are some facts related to 5G:

– 5G will obviously be faster than 4G.

– It will also therefore be more expensive than 4G.

– Mobile data will be used up faster on 5G.

Apple has reported that they will wait until 2020 before they release any 5G compatible devices.

– Many network providers have switched to their 5G network, but no phones have yet been produced which are capable on operating on 5G.

What Stage Are We At With 5G?

As mentioned above, many of the network providers are switching over to their 5G networks. This has led phone manufacturers to start developing smartphones with 5G modems. Last summer, it was agreed what specifications these handsets will require so that they can seamlessly use the new network. It has been predicted that towards the end of 2019, the next generation of 5G compatible devices will become available. Some sceptics are questioning whether 5G will produce a significant amount of difference over our current 4G network abilities. More and more devices are starting to use the internet or a mobile network to connect to. For example, cars can now take sim cards which essentially turns the car into a giant cell phone.

As with any new technology, the cost of this technology will always be high so this is where the rental market can assist those that want access it, but do not necessarily want to pay top dollar. Laptop rental will enable you to access the latest smart technology without having to pay a large amount at the offset. Renting will allow you to update and upgrade when the new technology becomes available. The same can be said for cell phones. As we have mentioned above, Apple are not producing any 5G compatible devices until 2020, so there will be some great deals available for an iPhone 8 rental as well as for the iPhone 10, as these phones are currently using the latest iOS software and are already capable of delivering speedy internet.

The Downsides of 5G

It’s no doubt that 5G will be faster and in some sense supercede 4G. However, the type of technology that will be used for 5G is fragile, as the kind of frequency used could be blocked by walls, tall trees and even your hand. There is also concerns that bad weather could affect the reception which will be frustrating for the user, as the 5G service will keep reverting back to its 4G predecessor. In some cases, the bandwidth that 5G will operate on means that it could be even slower than 4G. There is also a need to have a 5G compatible device for you to be able to access this network coverage. Below we will now take a look at some of the phones that will be available and that will be 5G compatible.

Which 5G Phones We Can Expect?

Huawei P30 or Mate 30

Huawei have constantly been developing their smartphones and their 5G compatible devices should be with us by September. The new phones will offer improved speed and connectivity. They also have addressed the problem of battery life. As phones get quicker, they will use more battery power than before. Therefore, Huawei have increased their internal power banks to optimise their energy use.

Oppo 5G

This Chinese brand has successfully produced a 5G phone which will be released in 2019. In May 2018, this company demonstrated the first ever 5G video call. The release of this phone is said to be between March and April this year.

Honor 5G Phone

This manufacturer wants to be the first to produce a 5G phone. Due between February and March, this phone will be capable of receiving 5G reception and it will be the benchmark for the other manufacturers to compete against.

OnePlus 7 Or OnePlus 7T

OnePlus is working with US carriers to bring 5G technology to their phones. They are looking at releasing their handsets between May and July of 2019. They are currently testing their 5G device to ensure that it meets the industry standards. Although an exact date has not been confirmed, we can look forward to their release this year.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung have confirmed that the S10 will be 5G compatible. This will leave many of its rivals behind. It will have 1TB of storage and will be able to receive and stream 4K movies without any interruption at all. As the phone will be compatible with 5G, it will be great for gamers as they will be able to gain access to AAA game services such as PS Now.

5G technology will be with us this year, without a doubt. The sceptics out there are questioning whether the technology is actually ready for release, but, that said, once the problems have been ironed out, 5G is a true step forward for mobile technology, and we look forward to what’s to come!

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