Tech Jobs That Come Handy At Home

Well, a few decades ago, technology was limited to certain areas of the home – aka the living room, the garage, the kitchen etc. The tech that these rooms contained was basic and functional. A television let you watch motion pictures; a fridge came with the basic cooling mechanism. Speakers only played what was plugged in! Cut to 2018, we no longer live in homes; we now live in smart homes. Most devices at our home are interconnected with data being exchanged amongst them, this is made possible by the internet, and the interconnection is called the IoT short for the Internet of Things.

This is an interesting advancement in the field of home technology. The devices are not only super advanced on their own, but they now function together for the most optimal effect. Once you get hooked, it is very difficult to turn around and go the opposite direction. The technology has made our lives comfortable, and what we need to keep these machines running at their best are skilled experts in the said field.

Let’s look at some of the technologies we use in our abodes and the technicians that help install, repair and maintain them.  

Basic IT Support

First and foremost for any of these to work, you need to be connected to the internet, this is where the IT support comes in; you need a trustworthy IT guy to help you set up the base. He can set up the WIFI, and sync your laptop with the different devices at your home.  A laptop or a desktop is essential for them to function. If you know someone in IT, they can come in handy to advise you on the best laptops to buy, also the best laptop hire purchase schemes. Building a good rapport with your IT support guy can come in handy for better service and advises.


Next up are smartphones, let’s get real; very few of us can function without our cell phone. This is the age of FOMO. Everyone is always connected all the time. Smartphones are not only used for leisure, but it is also used for work. Most professionals check their emails, keep a track of their projects, and even operate certain devices in their home directly from their smartphones. But cell phones depend on the network to function. Signal booster for homes and small spaces work wonders to provide coverage for offices and homes alike. All spaces have blind spots where the signal just disappears. This could be a great investment to tackle this problem. Once again an IT technician can do the setup for you.


Next up are your gadgets – ps4, Alexa, connect sense, eve room, apple home pod, bio-play, bio sound, bio vision etc. All these are smart tools that most tech-savvy homes will have. These don’t come cheap, though most of them are available on hire purchase basis. For instance, ps4 hire purchase schemes are provided by most electronic retail stores; and these gadgets require great care and maintenance. A technician who works on devices such as computers, tablets should have a fair grasp on the working of these devices as well. The best bet is to always rely on the brand to repair or replace the bought product.

Lutron, Crestron, and Kaleidescape are examples of smart home technologies that are found in uber rich homes. These are complex systems that offer energy saving solutions, integrated lighting control, security, speakers, etc. Kaleidescape is a server technology for multi-room entertainment, which is ideal for a home theatre setup. Now a simple technician will not be sufficient to decipher a problem across its complex programming. Most systems would need an in-house expert provided by the brand to look into the problem. These brands have excellent after-sales service as well as warranties that take care of the maintenance and repair requirements for these devices.


A step below is appliances that we use in our homes – smart TVs, smart fridges, robotic cleaners, etc. All of these are stand-alone devices with smart technology integrated for it to function better. Just like any other device, when they break down. They all need repairs. You would need the assistance of an appliance technician to get them up and running again. Now, this is not your average electrician who will fix cheap fridge freezer; no, these professionals come with a background in tech and are well-versed with sophisticated functions. If you don’t know where to get one, easiest is to ask the brand’s call center to send one over or seek the assistance of the electronic retail store you purchased the device from. Both these sources will be of help.

Centralised Entertainment

Centralised Entertainment and Streaming Devices are the centerpieces of most smart homes. Cable TV, dish satellites are all well and good, and in most instances, they do the job. But to take the game a step up is where the centralised streaming system comes into play. A bevy of streaming services can be accessed for a steady feed of live content. Some of the major players are Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and many more. These techs obviously rely heavily on the connection to the internet. But with most houses equipped with high-speed internet connections, it isn’t much of a problem. Once again IT support is your best bet when it comes to the maintenance and repair of these devices.

As we’ve seen, technological advances are the norm of the day. It will only move forward from now on. We already have smart devices for the most basic of our needs. aka, smart toilets, smart trash, wifi connected cooker even. Gone are the days when appliances were meant to carry out one single function, in today’s world it is all about multi-tasking. Even if we look outside of smart homes, most normal households still have a smart device or two – smartphones, smart speakers, smart TVs etc. The advances in technology mean that the skills associated with their programming, maintenance, and repair also need to advance at the same pace. While it is important to invest in these technologies, it is equally important to find trusted technicians to help keep these devices in the best of their shape.

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