Freeview, Sky Or Netflix?

In this tech-driven world where options are plenty and inexpensive, where you can now buy Ps4 interest-free, and get a subscription to the popular streaming site such as Netflix, at $11 for standard screening and $14 for premium per month, is there even a need for TV subscriptions such as Sky, or Freeview TV? The answer is well, yes and no. If you are a sports fanatic, of course, you need television services. Same goes for news. But then again, there are several sites streaming live matches and news. So the question that arises is, what provides a better viewing experience? Cheap TVs are now available which are high in quality. Pay weekly TV schemes are available as well. Some prefer the ambiance of the living room rather than hunching over a laptop screen. But the connectivity between is already great. It is possible to stream directly from the website to your Television screen.

So in this web of cross-media usage, where do we stand when it comes to direct broadcast satellite television providers? Is Netflix alone enough or do you need DTH services as well? To make the decision, let’s list what all three services have to offer – Netflix, Sky TV, Freeview.

Sky TV

The Sky TV is the king of paid television. Its basic package also provides up to 270 channels for free, this is inclusive of the channel Sky Atlantic which features mass favourites such as Game of Thrones and Westworld. If you need more options you can always opt for paid options which gets you additional channels, improved movies, and sports options. You can also access sky multiroom package which allows you to get extra boxes which makes it possible to watch sky in more than one room.

Starting October 2016, all Sky packages come with the new Sky Q 1 TB storage package as a standard, this is similar to what cloud hosting providers offer in terms of server storage, only this is for a television. It enables you to pause, rewind live TV. Also, record your favourite shows for later viewing. You can also record while watching another program.

Sky Digital recorder enables the screening of Sky TV on your PC, you can record and play your favourite shows on your laptops, this allows for easier mobility.

Sky has a starter pack for under $25, Sky Sports is for $55 per month and they have more than 15 packages ranging from Sky Entertainment, Sky Movies, etc.

Freeview TV

When you compare Freeview with competitors such as Freestats or YouView, they all seem similar on the surface. They all provide a set-top box which allows more than a dozen channels and some related services to be accessed without a subscription fee. For the purpose of this review, we’ll look at what Freeview has to offer.

Freeview comes in a variety of packages, it comes in the form a set-top box, a sleeker version, which does not even qualify as a box and a television set with the software already built in, the company provides several options to the consumers, and they can choose as per their convenience. The easiest way to get started with Freeview is to hook it up to your broadband, if you have a smart TV and that’s about it, you are good to go.

The cost depends on the type of antenna one has and the location of the connection. There are packages ranging from $129 to $579.


Netflix along with Amazon prime are websites that use the internet to stream entertainment content – movies, shows, documentaries to the users. All you need is an internet connection. The biggest advantage of Netflix is the ease of usage. It is pretty easy to use. It requires no setup. All you have to do is log in and start viewing. It has a library of content you can access. It comes in various packages, standard as well as HD, you have an option to add various screens to it if you want to watch it on more than one screen.

Best thing is, they provide a free-trial for a month, you can use it for yourself and decide whether you want to continue or discontinue the service.

Another major advantage is no ads! Yep, you heard that right, there are no ads even in the free trial. Nothing is more frustrated than being served a bunch of useless ads. This way when you click on a show, you can watch it uninterrupted. Netflix library stocks most of the popular shows, the only drawback is the content won’t be available on Netflix as soon as the show launches. It, however, doesn’t take forever either, the delay is tolerable. Another plus is Netflix original content, these are shows, movies, and documentaries that are exclusively available on Netflix. They have some stellar high-quality content that won’t disappoint.

You can also download the shows and watch it without internet on the device of your choice. This especially comes in handy when you are traveling, and the network fluctuates or when you are off the radar completely. A minor hiccup maybe the update of the library. Netflix does not update it’s library too often. Amazon Prime does a better job of it. Many users are disappointed due to this one shortcoming.  Like said earlier, new movies and content isn’t immediately available on youtube. Another big disadvantage is it serves content as per the location, which works in your favour if you are in the US, both everywhere else the available content differs or drops considerably. It allows you to watch certain shows only as per your location at the time.

All given the packages are extremely affordable with the starting package being as low as $10.

As you’ve seen all the above services have something that work in their favour and somethings that don’t. Ultimately the choice will depend on the type of content you prefer. If  you are a sports enthusiast, Sky’s custom packages may work for you. If you prefer worldwide content, you can go in for Netflix. If you are happy with basic channels that television offers, Freeview will work for you. The choice is truly yours.

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