2018 Trends For Entertainment Systems

Home entertainment systems are entering an interesting realm in 2018; various technological advancements are made to give your entertainment space a complete makeover. We’re listing down some trends to include in your home setting for an evolved visual and audio experience.

Now an entertainment centre in a home generally houses a home theatre system and some audio and gaming components such an audio system, a vinyl player, Xbox etc; they have evolved this year to include AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality) amongst others.

A solid home entertainment system can be a good investment. With disposable incomes rising and the cost of electronics dropping, these home entertainment systems have become more and more accessible.  Let’s have a closer look at what 2018 has in store for us.

Bigger, the better

Home theatres are moving beyond the screen and projector set-up. A new addition to the arsenal is the video wall. It may include one TV or numerous flat screen TVs mounted on a wall. Samsung Wall is a good example of this trend.  A video matrix switch enables you to view different channels on different TVs, this provides the ultimate sports watching experience. When you want to switch to more traditional settings, all you have to do in the pull down your screen to view your favourite movie.

When it comes to the picture quality, we are seeing the advent of 8K resolution TVs, many of which were released in CES convention 2018.

Media streaming and social networking

TV screen is no longer only DVD and Blu Ray compliant. One can now live stream various media streams by syncing the devices with an A/V receiver or matrix switch and watch content from youtube or other media channels.  In addition to this, many media streaming devices and smart TV not only enable you to browse the internet in full capacity but also let you access your favourite social media sites; they even come with apps that help save your favourite social network sites.

This means you don’t miss out on sharing your views on shows, news and other events, which can be done from the same screen simultaneously.

Integration/automation of technology

What this essentially means is your entire home theatre system can be synced within a single easy to manage control system, such as a universal remote, a touchscreen panel, smartphones and other electronic devices.

This easy to comprehend system can be used to manage anything and everything, right from the lighting in the room to the show browsing on Netflix. It helps in making the home theatre experience convenient and more fun.

Hybrid Spaces

More and more people are moving away from the traditional set-up of a home theatre and are looking for a multimedia experience. They want the ‘media room’ to mimic the aesthetic of the rest of the house, which means incorporation of sofas, lounge chairs instead of the traditional movie theatre setting. Also, incorporating lighter colours to the walls.  This trend sparks from the need to utilize the space effectively without limiting the usage of the room for only one purpose.

Soundbar and floor standing speakers

The trend has moved to floor standing or bookshelves speakers instead of the ones inserted into the wall. Surface mounted or floor standing speakers produce a higher quality sound than the in-wall ones. While the in-walls are more aesthetically pleasing. A digital to audio converter (DAC) is recommended to enhance the fidelity of the digital audio files.  

Another popular choice is Soundbars. When it comes to audio systems, Soundbars have the reputation of being more about the looks than the sound; which does not hold true with the new crop of Soundbars. They are made to integrate with ‘home-theatre-in-a-box’ technology. They come with many useful features such as Bluetooth, built-in audio processor, subwoofers, single remote operation etc. This is a great option for those looking to upgrade from the low-quality sound producing speakers.

Voice control tech

One of the most significant trends we’ve seen is voice control technology; and as these devices gain intelligence, they seamlessly integrate with automation systems. Amazon Echo is a brilliant live example of a home audio system with this technology. This trend is here to stay and will only expand further in the upcoming years.

Lower Prices

This maybe cannot be categorized as a trend but is a major driver of purchase. The cost of overall electronics is dropping whereas the functionalities are getting better. Cheap TVs, audio systems, projectors etc are available with almost all standard functionality and some amazing add-ons. Expensive products are also available on hire purchase modules.

Now that we’ve covered the top trends in home entertainment systems; here are a couple of articles that shed light on the sub-trends within the home entertainment system category. Three audio/video system trends, one more on audio – 7 audio trends for 2018 and here’s what the gaming world has in store for us, 9 gaming trends.

Let’s move on to installation

Not everyone wants to go through several manuals, instructions and wires to install their home entertainment system. Majority of purchasers are looking for easy, quick and effective solutions for installation and maintenance of the home theatre or media room setup. This is where aerial specialists come in.  They help set up and integrate various technologies around the house for economical costs. They do all the labour intensive decoding of instalment instructions and leave you free to enjoy your entertainment system without having to fuse over this process.

As we can see 2018 look promising with the introduction of 8k picture quality, voice –control tech, higher audio quality and much more.  These trends will continue to expand as more established players will adapt them to survive in the market.

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