How To Create The Ultimate Man Cave

A man’s space is at a premium and there is never enough room in a house. If you’re looking to create a man cave then keep reading as we will provide you with a guide on how to create the ultimate man cave to suit all.


You need to think about furniture that is simple and hard wearing and avoid curves and soft furnishings. Additionally, make sure that you choose furniture that is comfortable to sit and relax on so therefore you need to find a good balance between style and comfort. If you want to add some shelving in your man cave then consider building some shelves around your furniture using planks of wood. You may want to use some old bits of leather to attach the walls on to the shelves. If you want to have a table in your man cave then consider using an old tyre to create your own. If you want to add some bar stool to your man cave the you could use a beer barrel or perhaps use baseball bats as legs for some stools. A final aspect that you need to consider is designing your man cave so that it stays clean and tidy with minimal effort.

The Walls

A good way to make your man cave feel like your space is by personalising the walls. You could decorate them with wood, stone or brick or paint them in a funky colour. Alternatively, you could add pictures or your favourite posters.

If you’re handy and good at DIY then you could consider using patterned or textured wallpaper. For a masculine look use black wallpaper and add a small touch of colour.

If you have a specific hobby then you could use this as a theme to decorate your wall’s i.e. if you like cars then display your collection of cars on the wall and add some accent lighting to accentuate the area.


When we think about colours we often see some colours as feminine and others as more masculine. For your man cave you are better choosing neutral colours such as grey. Something to bear in mind however is that grey can be a cold colour so you’d need to add some aspects of a warm colour such as yellow, brown, beige or orange. These can be used as an accent colour.

Focal Aspect

A room always has a focal aspect and when it comes to your man cave it can be something small or something more extravagant such as a motorbike! A focal aspect doesn’t have to be something that is on show in the main part of your man cave, it could be something like a beer barrel that’s been used as a sink in the kitchen.

A Bar

A bar is a feature that is found in most man caves. If you have the space you could consider having a fully equipped bar which consists of a fridge, wine coolers and an area for storing glasses. If you plan to use a corner of your man cave as a bar area then consider an L-shaped bar. If your man cave is located in an area where you have outdoor access then you could bring this outdoor space into your man cave and have this as a bar area. For example, if you man cave leads on to a patio, courtyard or a backyard. If you really want to try something different then consider something a bit more unusual such as an underfloor cellar with a glass cover.

Fun Aspects

We all have a different viewpoint on what’s fun for us. For one person it may be a pool table, for another it may be a particular sport. Whatever you see as fun could be displayed in your man cave. A popular aspect that many man caves have is a TV and some sort of sound system and a games console. Begin by purchasing a hanging tv mount so that you can place your TV in a prime position. Sounds systems can be very expensive so consider a sound system rental. The same applies to games consoles so once again you could shop around for a Xbox one hire purchase agreement or if you prefer a PlayStation then look for a buy a PlayStation 4 now pay later deal. Finally, to give you man cave that fully functional and interactive use you could get Freeview and you’ll need to search for Freeview installers.  company.


It’s the small things that count so accessories are important in order to make a man cave feel finished. Consider accessories such as:

  • Empty glass bottles e.g. use an empty spirit bottle as a soap dispenser and attach the lid of the soap dispenser to the bottle. Alternatively turn empty bottles into a lamp and fill the empty part of the bottle with anything small such as stones or gravel to keep it stable. Add a lampshade to suit you, think about the shapes or colours that you like.
  • Use old bottlecaps to make a set of coasters. Simply glue them together so you have a 3×3 coaster.
  • Use an old ladder as a towel holder or an old wooden crate as a cabinet to store items in such as toilet roll.
  • If you’ve got a load of old pennies then why not create a penny floor. You’ll just need to get some strong glue and then attach the pennies to the floor.

By the end of this hard work you’ll be proud of what you’ve achieved and you’ll have the ultimate man cave where you can chill out and spend some quality man time with your friends!

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