DIY With New Tech, Is It Worth The Cost Savings?

There’s nothing more frustrating than when a piece of technology breaks down. It’s not so bad if the item is under warranty but what do you do when it’s out of warranty but still looks like new or it doesn’t have a warranty? A good example of this is a car. When our cars break down we know we have to send them to the local garage to be fixed which means we are going to get a bill that we may not have accounted for that month. Fixing a car is not so easy unless you know how to, however there are some bits of technology as well as other aspects in life that we can take control of and save money. We shall take a look at some of them now:

Mobile Phones

It’s not surprising that quite often we have issues with our mobile phones as its becoming more and more popular to have contract with mobile phone companies that are longer i.e. 24 months. A common problem is phone batteries that don’t charge as well which can be frustrating. Other faults and issues can start to appear as our phones age and when this happens it’s not often worth sending them in for repair, instead it’s worth heading online to YouTube and searching for videos which will show you how to fix an issue yourself. There are many, many videos online that will show you how to disassemble a phone, fix a part or even replace a part and that not just for mobile phones. You can find videos for fixing parts of a car, fixing an item of bespoke jewellery or even fixing laptops. This is definitely a cost-effective option as purchasing a part for an item is usually not expensive and it’s the labour side of things that cost the money with a repair.

A common issue with mobile phones, in particular smartphones is a shattered screen. This is particularly common with iPhones as they tend to have glass screens covering the entire from screen of a phone. That said, it’s also one of the easiest tech gadgets to fix. What you’d need to do is buy purchase the replacement parts and then head to YouTube and look for a video that demonstrates how a screen can be replaced.


Another common fault when it comes to laptops is the fan. Fans inside a laptop collect dust and with use they overheat. Some manufacturers even provide guides online to show you how to fix certain issues. If you can find one of these guides then that makes the repair a lot easier you think just need to follow the available instructions.

Special Occasions

Every year there are many special occasions that we enjoy celebrating from Christmas to Valentine’s day and birthday to Easter. These celebrations usually come at a price and especially if you plan to celebrate in style. For example, if you decide to throw a party there are many aspects to take into consideration such the party venue, caterers, alcohol, decoration and entertainment. In order to keep costs down it may be worth thinking about whether or not any of these aspects could be done yourself, without having to pay someone to do them for you. One element that you may be able to take control of is hiring a DJ as this could be something you could do yourself.

A good idea would be to contact all of your guests and ask them to suggest a favourite song. Additionally, you could add your own favourite songs and include other songs that are popular at the time. When you have compiled a playlist of your list of songs on a laptop, connect this to a stereo system. It’s easy to see that if you decide to DJ your own party not only will you save money, you will also be in control of what music is played


If you’ve got a set of expensive headphones and the cables have broken you may not want to throw them away. The wires on headphones are usually very thin and tend to break at the jack plug or inside the jack plug. Its fairly simple to fix the issue yourself and usually the part costs around $8 as opposed to up to $300 for a new set of headphones. Once again had to YouTube to find a video which demonstrates how to fix the headphones.

Car Bulbs

Replacing the lights in your vehicle with the original bulb is fairly easy if you want to have a go at doing it yourself. Most bulbs are plug and play which basically means you take the old one out and replace it with a new one. If, however you wish to upgrade your current lighting to the more modern LED version, you are now able to buy a conversion package that will enable you to upgrade the bulbs yourself, relatively easily. This is a great way of cutting down car related costs as main dealers may charge you a lot more for a simple task that you can do yourself for a small amount of money. Once again, look online for video demonstrations which will show you a step by step guide on how to replace bulbs or alternatively look towards car forum sites.

It’s easy to just go out and buy a new item when something breaks, but it’s now clear to see that quite often an item can be repaired inexpensively and may just require you to do some research. So, the next time something breaks down, before you head for the dustbin consider if it’s something that could be fixed either by yourself, a friend or a family member, as in the long run this will save you some cash which could be spent on other more enjoyable things.

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