How To Make Your Outdoor Entertainment Area A Hit This Year

If you’ve decided that you want to put some effort into making your outside space into an area that’s going to work for entertaining, then you’ve come to the right place. We will provide you with some hints and tips as to what you can do to make sure that you have an outdoor entertainment area that will be the envy of all!

The Layout

The first aspect that you need to consider is the layout as this is the key in making sure that your outdoor area is inviting and works well. It is worth considering planning out specific zones which will distinguish what each part of the outdoors is for. For example, you may have a zone for relaxing, a zone for chatting, a zone for cooking and a zone for eating and drinking. You also need to consider the flow when you decide on the layout of your zones, for example don’t place seating areas near doorways. By having zones, you will have an outdoor space that is manageable and your garden won’t be an area that’s got a lot of maintenance such as plants and a lawn.


When it comes to deciding what materials to use in your garden you need to think about the style of your home in order to complement it. For example, timber decking is a popular option but you need to bear in mind that it does require regular maintenance.


You need to consider what seating options best suit the space that you have. There are so many ideas to choose from:

  • Use corners in your garden to create an integrated seating area. Consider adding plants to the back of this searing area in order to make the space feel cosy. If you’re on a tight budget then you could look at rent to buy lounge suites.
  • You could opt for hammocks or swinging seats or alternately look for something slightly different such as cocoon or bubble seats.
  • If you’d like to go for a romantic feel then place some seating underneath a flower covered arch or arbour.
  • If you have walls in your garden then make use of them by turning them into a bench or a seat.

Outdoor Kitchens

If you plan an outdoor kitchen into your outdoor space it will save you lots of messing about when it comes to going in and out of your home for food prep etc. You could also include additional extras to your outdoor kitchen such as a sink, a barbecue, a fridge or a bar, which will make entertaining your friends much easier as well as simplify the cleaning process. If you really want to push the boat out then you could consider including a fireplace or a pizza oven which will work well in the winter and make your garden nice and cosy.


Wi-Fi is wonderful as it means you can bring entertainment to your outdoor space. You can add options such as wireless lighting and speakers with the advent of smart technology which can all be controlled using your smartphone. If you want to be able to watch television outside i.e. when a sporting match is on then consider adding an outdoor TV mount in your garden. This way you can have themed garden events and use your satellite television subscription to get access to these live sporting events. If this idea really appeals to you and you’d like to have a dedicated television for your garden but don’t want to spend the money on that at the same time as recreating a new garden space then consider a buy now pay later TV scheme on a television or alternatively a laptop hire purchase scheme which can be used to stream your favourite programmes, movies or shows to your outdoor television.


If you want to create a peaceful space then you need to add some greenery. Consider where you will plant your trees and shrubs and consider factors such as shade and full sun areas. Greenery also helps to add character and depth to your outdoor space. If you want to get creative then consider adding a greenery feature wall. You may have heard these being called living walls and it’s a great feature which is on the increase in outdoor spaces. Living walls are also suitable for smaller outdoor areas, balconies or courtyards as they grow upwards and size can be taken into consideration when creating this living wall.


When the sun sets, outdoor lighting will enable you to continue to make use of your outdoor area. Lighting also adds atmosphere and can be used to make focus areas. Consider using solar lights in grass areas and light on your decking area to lighten up any steps etc.


It’s worth having flooring which is low maintenance such as dark paving or timber decking. If you decide to go for paving then you need to remember to seal it in order to keep it low maintenance, because if you don’t seal it dirt and moisture will become an issue as will cleaning. Finally consider what suits the style of your home when it comes to patterns.  

Focus Points

If you want to make your entertainment area stand out then you need to have something that impresses your guests. This way your guests will want to head out into your garden rather than remain inside your home. The ways in which you can create a wow factor is by having focus areas such as a water feature which will create a nice, tranquil atmosphere.

All Year Round

You need to create an outdoor area that can be used all year around so whether its rainy or sunny the space needs to be able to be used. One option could be to have bi-folding doors so that you turn your outdoor area into an extension of your home.

By taking our advice into consideration we are sure that you will make your outdoor entertainment area into a space that everyone wants to be invited to.

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